Here you will find links to the content on the site which is difficult to find elsewhere: either because it went offline, it was edited, or because it’s a file that was previously circulating offline. They are collected here in the hope that it will be useful to other collectors. You can download a zip archive containing most of these files here.


Textual fundamentalism requires texts.

An excerpt from an interview on Chinese Pure Land making the point that while we tend to think of Mahayana Devotionalism as a separate sect, historically it was seen rather as an optional practice available to all Buddhists.

A lonely temple, nestled in the mountains of central Taiwan, says goodnight.

A series of Dhamma talks delivered to series beginners over the course of a few months in 2009. The talks give a penetrating introduction to the essence of the teachings and are recommended for all.

An engaging lecture at Spirit Rock on using text critical methods and personal practice to narrow in on an understanding of early Buddhist meditation practices.

The text jumps inside me and helps. me. out.

So, when you’re studying Buddhism, what are you studying?
I know the answer. I’m studying me.
I’m studying me.

Ajahn Brahm tells us all the secrets of life: from how to find a partner to getting what you really want.


An intriguing (re)definition of religion, science, and culture.


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